The Virgo’s will rise to the level of the advisers, back room planners and the organizers in a political party or to its leaders. The leaders will depend on the Virgo’s for both the regular and any contingency plans in the political arena. Only very few Virgo’s will reach to the top position on the political theaters. In general, the Virgo’s lack the tough leadership skill that is the basic requirement in the politics.


The Virgo’ will engage themselves in limited entertainments. This happens due to the intellect level of the Virgo’. Thus the status of the Virgo’ created through their intelligence acts as a natural barrier to the involvement in the entertainment. 
The Virgo’s do have interests in movies, outing and travelling. But they are too shy to attend party, large gatherings and social groupings. But the Virgo’s avoid too much entertainment in the lifestyle.


The Virgo’ will gain quiet a number of enemies through their own words and speeches. The Virgo’s are basically jealous and try to do some secretive actions against their known opponents both in family and in the business.

This secretive behavior will earn lot of ill will for the Virgo’s. Thus the Virgo’ has more opponents inside the family itself. Thus the speeches of the Virgo’ and their jealous nature will fetch them more enemies.


The Virgo’ does not keep any importance to their appearance. They do not mind coming out by dressing up shabbily. They allot very few minutes in a day to keep their appearance to look alright. The Virgo’ will keep changing their appearance on their own assessments; and never worries about its results.


The Virgo’ could be affected by heat related sickness, asthma, indigestion and skin and bone related diseases. The Virgo’s keep their body health in poor condition. This issue could also be one of the reasons to get more sickness at the later part of their life. The Virgo’s really worry and fear about their health conditions; but will not make their worries public.

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