The Virgo’s are completely weak in the love and romance affairs. But the Virgo’s keep their romance and love life as very secret. The male Virgo’ could not control their senses, when they see the beautiful girl/women. The male Virgo’s will feel that every woman looks very beautiful.

A male Virgo’ will shudder to think about woman less life. The Virgo’ are used to love and romance with top celebrities that they love them most. The Virgo’s are used to dream about the full life circle with their favorite woman; but will not leave any trace or hint about their intentions. The Virgo’s could even maintain this secrecy with their dream lover itself.

The Virgo’s will love someone that who is close to them mostly in the work place. The Virgo’ will enjoy the complete romance and sex with their lady love in dreams. But in the morning, the Virgo’ will never drop a hint and work as usual with the same woman. The Virgo’s are capable of changing their lady love both in reality & in dreams, when they see one more beautiful woman.

The Virgo women are too talented in the dreams. But the Virgo’ woman will choose the right person by analyzing each and every person both in the reality and within their dreams. The female Virgo’s are too faithful to their romance/love partner. The female Virgo exhibits great amount of love and affections for their partners.


The Virgo’s are always receptive to the sexual feelings. The Virgo’s are instantly excited, when they feel, hear, smell, read or watch anything about the sex. The Virgo’s do not depend fully on the actual sex activities for their sexual satisfactions. The Virgo’s will attain full satisfaction on their sexual needs, when they read books, watch films or dream about having sex. 

The Virgo’s could also indulge in self oriented pleasures; or some unnatural sex activities that brings satisfaction without actually indulging the sex with the preferred woman. The Virgo’s life could be in jeopardy, if they fully engage themselves with their sexual activities.


The Virgo’s are good at love and romance; they handle their love affairs in a soft and gentle manner. During the early period of love, they prefer to behave in more diplomatic manner. The Virgo’s are ready to spend their valuable time and money to get involved in the romance affairs.

The Virgo’s dress up properly and spend more focus on improving their appearances when they get into the love affairs. The Virgo’s languages are too polite and they mesmerize their partners; their partners consider themselves as too lucky to have Virgo’ as their choice.

The Virgo’ will opt for sexual activities, when they come too close with their partners. When the partner agrees for the sexual advance, then the Virgo will take the full advantage to complete their full circle on their sexual needs. There is also a strong possibility of the Virgo losing total interest with their partners; if the sexual needs of the Virgo’s are met fully. 


The Virgo’ will devote more time for sex and very less time for romance. This ratio of less romance will grow bigger when the time moves away from the marriage. But the Virgo’s will try to pacify their agitated partners with their eloquent and fanciful replies.

After some time, the Virgo’s will start to feel that their spouse is an additional baggage in their love life. But the Virgo’ will never come out of the wedlock by them selves. The Virgo’ will try every trick out of their sleeves and speaks more eloquently to pacify their spouse.

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